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Goldtatze furniture is extremely resilient. All pieces are designed for sportive activities and examined for being suitable for daily use in animal shelters. The number of occupants there ranges from 4 to 8.

We are absolutely confident of Goldtatze's quality. Therefore, we extend the usual guarantee period to 5 years. So you don't have to care about the furniture's stability, given that all pieces were professionally mounted. If, against all expectations, you have to complain about anything, we definitely will offer you a compensation.

Each component like, for example, hammocks, sisal-wrapped parts, carpets or cloth layers, can be reordered at any time.You can find all accessories and replacement parts shortly on our webpage in the "'Accessories in our shop" section. Also, all wooden parts can be reordered separately. Our belief is that the world is covered by too much waste anyway. Our products should last very long and bring you and your cats a lot of joy.

It is not possible to produce the pieces specially designed for you in advance, because the surface of each item will be customized and refined according to your need. Also, the location points will be applied where you request them. It may take up to 4 weeks until all furniture can be delivered. Please bear in mind that all individually designed components are excluded from exchange.

It is a matter of our heart that not only all our products should live long, but also you and your four-legged friends. So it is very important for us to utilise only natural and uncritical ingredients. No matter if sisal, wax oil, carpets, woven fabric or wood-based material is processed, all products are harmless for humans and animals. Even the adhesive we use for fixing the sisal ropes is solvent-free and based on acrylic.

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